Custom Accounting Software Customize Accounting for Your Business

Do you know customize accounting software can give your company financial reporting with full automation, reducing human resources cost and increasing overall company productivity by providing faster reporting and decision support data? Find out how customize accounting software can boost your company competitive advantages in this article. The first rule in competition - Stand out of the crowd! Only customize software can give your company competitive advantage in technology, because highly customize means highly automated and faster responding! Certainly, if you only rely on the customize system to K.O.

your competitor, this is not possible. Although the Customize system can provide you great advantages, but at the end of the day, your company management still plays the most important part in overcoming your competitor, dominating the market! Leading company always optimize their business in every area: Customer services, Product Quality, After Sales Service and Powerful Information System! To achieve this competitive advantage, standard accounting system will not be sufficient. However, the customize accounting system requires a business process analyst to redesign the flow of company operation, ensure each department will be fully optimized, meaning minimizing all double entry works at the same time provides fastest reporting possible.

Source code based accounting software can help to minimize resource needed to complete the customization. There is some very good source code system out there, most of them are web based or windows based, while these source codes based system can save you time, incorrect selection might cost you time as well! A good source code based accounting software must fulfill these requirements: Requirement #1 - Royalty free. No further client license charges, only one time source code charges.

The Software after compilation should be able to distribute as many clients as necessary without any charges, that's the power of source code based software! Requirement #2 - SQL database. While another accounting software is using proprietary database, source code system usually comes with powerful SQL server support, increasing scalability in every way! Requirement #3 - RAD ready. The source code should be RAD ready, developer can easily modify the system using Rapid Application Development tools without the needs to do a lot of codings. If the source code met above 3 requirements, you are safe to proceed. Just remember the most important note in customize accounting software - business process re-engineering! Copyright 2008 - Cynics Software. Feel free to distribute this article, along with the resources box in place without modification.

Cynics Software is the leading source code based accounting software provider, they also provide customize accounting and software services.

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