Getting Your Share of Individual Grants

Several no-cost personal grants can be obtained if you happen to belong to a certain group. Vietnam Era Veterans' Educational Assistance is one example of free grants allocated by the government to an individual. Vietnam Era Veterans' Education Assistance is money extended to individuals or families through an agency of the U.

S. government. The objective for this one is to provide educational assistance to persons who entered the Armed Forces after December 31, 1976 and before July 1, 1985. Another objective for this personal grant is to allow these veterans to obtain education, and thereby promote a voluntary military program in the U.S.

by attracting qualified persons to the service. To be eligible for this Vietnam program, the applicant must have served honorably on active duty for more than 180 continuous days beginning on or after January 1, 1977. If you were discharged after such date because of a disability acquired in line of duty then you are qualified. Applicants who served more than 180 days and completed first period of obligated service or 6 years of active duty whichever comes first are also eligible for free personal grants under this program.

Satisfactory contribution of a monthly deduction of $25 to $100 from military pay from participants is also required to qualify for free personal grants. Lump sum contributions made before March 31, 1987 are allowed. The American Cancer Society has a program that offers free personal grants to persons afflicted with cancer.

Free funds are extended to treatment-related travel expenses including transportation, medicine and medical supplies. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is another organization that provides personal funds to patients in need. This program is supported entirely by public contributions. Free grants are also available for students who intend to pursue their college studies. Pell Grants is one of the programs students can tap into to fund their advance studies. There are also a number of campus-based aid programs.

Pres. George Bush's New Freedom Initiatives also give free personal grants to disabled persons. With the implementation and changes of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 54 million Americans are now given the chance to receive free funds to improve their educational, employment and social opportunities. The above-mentioned programs are just a few of the many personal grant programs available today, backed by private or public funds.

Usually established for a cause like scholarship or cancer-treatment, free personal grants are there to ease your personal needs.

Millennium Services Group, run by R.T. Markovsky, hosts an informative web site with a wealth of free information about all aspects of Free Grants. Check out to see more.

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