Know More About Your Nokia Cell Phone Battery

A Nokia cellular phone battery is made from lithium ion. Lithium-ion battery, also called the Li-ion battery, is a rechargeable battery most commonly used in cellular phones. It works because lithium ion travels amid the anode and the cathode. The ion travels from the anode to the cathode when discharging, and vice versa when recharging. Taking care of your Nokia cellular phone battery is not entirely difficult. The first important thing that must be done is to read the phone manual of your Nokia phone.

The phone manual typically shows a user guide in the correct maintenance of your cell phone and its battery. Read the manual in its entirety and try to remember the important things on battery concerns. It is best to keep your Nokia cellular phone battery from extreme weather conditions. Too much heat or too much cold can damage any cell phone battery. During extreme heat, there is risk of the battery overheating.

In severe cold conditions, dew can develop around the battery when the cold begins to dissipate and this can potentially damage the battery and the cell phone. Extending the battery life of your Nokia cellular phone battery will involve a few cell phone use adjustments. If possible, lower the ring volume of your phone and avoid using the vibration mode. If you are using your phone often you will have noticed that increased volume and vibration mode will cause your battery to be charged more frequently. A Nokia cellular phone battery comes in different sizes, depending upon the cell phone unit you choose.

The batteries are not heavy compared to secondary batteries. The energy is kept through lithium ions that move around. However there are a lot of drawbacks from fake cell phone batteries. These batteries are manufactured in poor conditions and quality that they are more susceptible to overheating and explosions. Charge your batteries when needed. You know it's time to charge your batteries when the battery meter is already low.

Moreover, your cell phone will make a screen prompt when the battery is already charged full already. Avoid overcharging when possible, as this will cause problems over prolonged practice. Don't keep your batteries stagnant and unused for a long time. Since cell phone batteries are small, there is a high tendency that they will explode when overheated.

On the other hand, news has surfaced about explosions of cellular phone batteries. Luckily, there have been no reported injuries or loss of property with regards to incidents involving the Nokia cellular phone battery.

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