1. OLED-TV (Organic light emitting diode) Sony want to sell in 2007 a 11-inch OLED-TV prototype showed at CES 2007.The resolution of the 27-inch OLED TV is 1920x1080, the contrast ratio is greater than 1,000,000:1, brightness : all white 200cd/m2, peak greater than 600cd/m2. Colors - 10 bit RGB. 11" - The resolution is 1024x600, the other technical data like the 27-inch OLED. Toshiba want to sell 2009 a 30-inch OLED-TV and shows us a 21 inch prototype.

The 20.8 inch OLED-Display features: Screen size: 52.8cm/20.

8 inch Number of pixels: 1,280768 WXGA Colors: 16.7 million colors 8 bit Top emission structure 2. Laser-TV Novaluxs lasers should be in some Mitsubishi or Sony Laser-TV by the end of 2007. Mitsubishi shows some Laser TV with DLP technology from TI. 3.

SED-TV (Surface Conduction Electron emitter display) The biggest question mark is SED-TV! Why? Canon must win the battle against Nano-Proprietary. The US judge wants to decide by the end of April 2007. The goal from Canon is to product by the end of the year 2007 SED-TVs. 4. FED-TV (field emission display) Sony wants to produce FED-TVs showed at the Finetech for the broadcast market in 2009. Also Motorola want to bring out some FED-TV which use nanotube display technology.

The first FED-Display coming at 19.2-inches. Opting for that that one will give you a 1,280 x 960 resolution, along with a brightness of 400cd/m2 and, most impressively, a 20,000:1 contrast ratio.

But here also Sony shows some prototype at FINETECH 2007: 5. HDR-Display (High Dynamic Range Display Systems) Dolby buys Brightside the company which make the HDR-Displays. Maybe 2008 HDR-Displays come to the market? Brightside shows some HDR-TV prototype. Extreme dynamic range Over 3000 cd/m Brightness Contrast Ratio > 200.

000:1 High definition Full HDTV 1920x1080 Pixel 37 Zoll Screen 16 bits per color IMLED Individually modulated array of LED backlights 6. MDDP Displays (Micro Device Display) MDDP a new name for a old technology: Rear Projection Four leading companies have established the Micro Device Display Consortium (MDDPC) in order to widely publicize the features and advantages of Micro Device Display Projection Televisions (MDDP) among consumers, retailers, industry experts and the mass media. The new consortium is aimed at promoting the growth of MDDPs and boosting public awareness of the Technology.

This Consortium wants to produce rear projection systems under the name "MDDP" Micro Device Display.

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