Microsoft office and their application software

If you need to perform any task for work/school/college reasons then Microsoft Office is software you won't be able to live without. The one package includes several different applications to make day to day tasks easier than ever. The most used application that's comes included will be Microsoft Word, this is used to make letters or other written documents.

You can also include graphs, charts and pictures into your work. If you want to make spreadsheets then you will need to use software called Microsoft Excel, this will allow you to make documents that involve using formulas which can be handy if you run a business. Many schools, colleges and universities will require you to use Microsoft Excel so by knowing the basic features you will have an advantage as the formulas can get tricky if you're a complete novice. Another application which is used is schools is Microsoft PowerPoint, this enables you to make presentations which are great at portraying projects. You can make slide shows with loads of impressive features which also makes it great for teachers and employers to train their students/staff. Many assignments may need the use of databases, Microsoft Access can cater for all your needs.

They can be tricky at first but once you have learnt the fundamental steps to create them you will be able to create working databases with ease. If you want to make a brochure then Microsoft Publisher is ideal for you, you can select a pre-made template which makes life a lot quicker and easier. Just select the relevant text box and insert your information, once you have completed it you can print it off, fold it in the correct places and you have a professional looking document. Many people like to make surveys and forms to find out what people think about a certain product.

You can use both Microsoft Word and Excel to make suitable forms but if you have access to Microsoft InfoPath then it will make the process much easier. If you have access to the internet then you will most likely be sending/receiving emails. Microsoft Outlook can help you maintain your inbox and give you the opportunity to manage multiple email address with the one user interface. Make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft Office to give you even more features and benefits, there are often updates which can make them less buggy and additional tools making life easier for everyone.

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