Office Cubicles the invention of Robert Propst

Cubicles were invented 40 years ago by Robert Propst. It was a path breaking invention that changed the way we perceive the workplace and redefined the rules about what the office should look like. Cubicles transformed the office dramatically. Once demonized, mocked, and criticized, cubicles are still with us, and it doesn't seem like they are going to disappear in the near future. Last year, office cubicle sales reached $ 4.4 billion, representing 36% of all office-furniture sales.

Functionality, flexibility and modular design ? The concept of the office cubicle was increased flexibility and functionality with a completely movable office where floor plans could easily be modified and reconfigured. Faithful to the original idea, MAiSPACE, the leader in office cubicle furniture, takes innovation and interior office design to the next level. Established in 1993, MAiSPACE has approximately 250 employees worldwide, and a North American installed base of more than $150 million. MAiSPACE combines global sourcing and supply chain management with a streamlined just-in-time manufacturing and distribution system to reduce costs across the board and ensure fast delivery. Patented, knocked down and ready-to-assemble MAiSPACE frames equipped with self-aligning connectors simplify moving elements into and throughout the building reducing costly installation and reconfiguration time.

It can also reduce the number of framing components required every time modifications are made. The workstations can be easily taken apart and then re-assembled at low cost. You can reconfigure an office floor plan in a couple of hours without disrupting the entire local area network. "For example," explains co-founder Mark Bassil, "only two horizontal sub-assemblies plus two shared vertical uprights are required to support panel frames up to 8 feet wide. Frames can easily be added to or removed from runs without disturbing adjacent structures." Modular products that do it easily without sacrificing structural soundness ? the premise at MAiSPACE.

MAiSPACE, the fastest growing office cubicle furniture manufacturer, provides customers beautiful and functional executive offices and suites without sacrificing affordability or performance. Safety, durability, and strength ? MAiSPACE has always been the champion of high quality construction. Stability, strength and safety are the key components of their office cubicle systems, and at MAiSPACE they are keenly aware of this.

MAiSPACE products starts with a 3 inch wide frame constructed of 16-gauge cold-rolled steel to provide strength and rigidity, allowing it to remain distortion-free during installation and later moves, adds or changes (MACs). To demonstrate this, a MAiSPACE panel configuration composed of 8-foot panel frames stacked 10 feet high and supported by two 24" return panels was rated to 2.5 tons-the highest in the industry-on the work surface in a test conducted by Underwriters Laboratories. Bassil comments, "That strength also means the load-bearing panel frames can be used to build walls from 30 inches to 14 feet in height. Panel height can be increased without removing existing panel frames or disturbing power, voice and data cabling, another pillar in the MAiSPACE value proposition in terms of reduced product and labor costs.

" Panel segments are constructed from 24-gauge steel for exceptional durability and effective sound dampening. "This allows us to provide a .80 NRC and a 35 STC rating, the highest in the industry," Bassil says Sophisticated Voice, Data, and Power Cabling Systems ? MAiSPACE offers sophisticated cable management. "Frames provide unobstructed cable pathways end to end and top to bottom," says Bassil. "Cable runs are laid-in behind lift-off panel segments.

This differs and is superior to competitive designs requiring that cables be bundled and fished through structural elements. When moves, adds or changes (MACs) occur, system segments are unplugged, moved and reconnected without disrupting the entire office's local area network (LAN). This frequently can be accomplished by on-site IT personnel without the need of outside contractors," he says. The company's patented zone distribution system includes plug-and-play connectors, lay-in cabling and the largest cable capacity in the industry. With a 4-Circuit, 8-Wire system, it supports any network or power requirements needed by today's customers, but is also designed to grow and change with any business. MAiSPACE conforms to telecommunications industry standards for horizontal cabling systems in open offices.

Standard belt line access and easily accessible consolidation points provide an interconnection between work area outlets and telecommunications closets creating a zone distribution system. Unrestricted cable pathway access simplifies changes to the existing network. Factory-terminated and tested modular cable assembles in copper or fiber support plug and play office reconfigurations. A wide variety of cable types are available to meet specific customer needs. "This includes Category 7 cabling, which is available for data-intensive and video applications, surpassing all current industry standards," Mark Bassil notes.

Subject driven approach: Visibility and privacy ? MAiSPACE creates idiosyncratic office cubicles emphasizing individuality and privacy, yet allowing visibility. At MAiSPACE, a workplace floor plan based on individual needs and personality is critical. MAiSPACE offers high quality customized office cubicles allowing people to enjoy privacy while communicating with co-workers and exchanging ideas. Having productivity and profitability in mind, MAiSPACE combines visibility and privacy at your corporate workplace in a functional, ergonomic, and fashionable office cubicle furniture system. At MAiSPACE, we adopt a subject oriented approach to interior office design; whether it is 2 or 2000 workstations each customer receives our undivided attention. We strive to accommodate our customers' needs to the greatest extent.

High quality, affordable prices, and exceptional customer support ? MAiSPACE offers reconfigurable office cubicle furniture at a great value. Without sacrificing quality, style, and elegance, MAiSPACE incorporates a functional approach to office design at a low-cost. We also take pride in our durable, safe, and environmentally friendly office cubicle furniture system. That's why, MAiSPACE supports its office cubicle systems-MAiSPACE and MOrSPACE-with a lifetime warranty, for as long as you own the product.

The company's revolutionary office cubicle furniture holds a "Best of NeoCon" award, one of the most prestigious in the contract furniture industry, yet is priced up to 40% less than manufacturers whose names frequently are "top of mind." As National Sales Manager, Bob Spradlin aptly points out, "We provide the highest quality office furniture at up to 40% less than what anyone would expect to pay.". will help business owners and operators make smart choices in Office Furniture. and Office Cubicles for their offices and selecting the right Systems Furniture.

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