Using a Night Vision Device

It's difficult to see in the dark. Unless there's some light peeking in through the window or from under a door, our vision is compromised. If we wait a little while, our night vision kicks in, allowing us to see somewhat better. It's not enough that we can read in the dark, but it should be enough to keep us from stumbling into furniture or tripping over the carpet. Sometimes though, our human night vision isn't enough and we need a little help. That's where technology kicks in.

Thanks to science we can use night vision to do all sorts of things. With the proper equipment we can hunt, take pictures or even fight wars in the dark. We can also perform surveillance and search and rescue missions. Here's how it works: Your night vision product will take existing light and amplify it through an objective lens, which then focuses on an image intensifier. A photocathode located inside the intensifier converts the photon energy into electrons.

The electrons in turn strike a phosphor screen creating a viewable image. In reality it looks like you're watching television on a green screen. Atmospheric conditions can affect night vision. For instance, if it's cloudy, foggy, or overcast, night vision can be compromised.

The clearer the night, the farther one will be able to see with night vision technology. It should also be noted that night vision shouldn't be magnified, as light is lost during the magnification process making it more difficult to see. Night vision devices include: - Cameras - Binoculars - Scopes for firearms - Goggles If you think that using a night vision device on a frequent basis might be harmful, you couldn't be more wrong. Night vision products are no more harmful than a television or movie screen. It doesn't emit radiation or other harmful rays and there's no reason for it to cause blindness.

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