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Learn about web design and how the pros build web sites so that you too can have your presence on the Internet. We have tips, articles, and how-to's on wb design and making your web site the best it can be!

Building a website?

You've decided to create a website to market your products or services. More and more people start their information searches online, so having a website is the logical next step. But without web development skills or knowledge, how do you build and market a website?

Your domain name should represent your business and be easy to spell and remember. Your company name is the obvious choice, but if the name is long, you may want to use a shortened version of it.Web readers are different from print readers. Web readers want to know right away if a page has the information they're looking for.

Make your website user friendly

Once site visitors come to your website, you want them to feel comfortable and to spend time reading the content. If your site is difficult to read or to navigate, you'll lose visitors. Make sure that your website has the following:

  • A readable font size
  • Clear contrast between the font color and the background
  • Links to the main pages that are easy to find from any page
  • Links throughout the site that take visitors to the next steps

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