New Samsung Dual Flip Phone SCHU

Verizon has announced that the SCH-U740 from Samsung is now available. The model is quite innovative, offering a never before seen dual hinge. The model flips open two different ways, providing the user with different functionalities from each location.

When the model is flipped open vertically, the traditional way, it offers the standard number pad and screen. When flipped horizontally, the user will find a full qwerty keyboard, allowing for easier text messaging and email functionality. The phone seamlessly blends mobile and message functionalities, allowing users to send email and text messages quickly. Many such devices are bulky; the SCH-U740 is fairly compact and stylishly designed. Verizon has an email service called Wireless Sync that allows users to upload contact information from their p.c.

, and the SCH-U740 is fully compatible with the service. Users can upload phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, calendars, and task information. The model is a thin clamshell that has a 1.

3 mega-pixel camera with a flash. The camera is also video capable. Users are able to record and save video clips and send them to friends and family via their mobile connection. The Bluetooth capability of the model allows for wireless syncing with the user's computer. Bluetooth also allows for the use of wireless devices including headsets and speakers, and allows for interactive gaming between friends. Recently, many cars have become Bluetooth capable, allowing users to listen to conversations over their car speakers.

The SCH-U740 also has a 2.2" thin film transistor display. Thin film transistors are attached to the screen, creating a brilliant display. TFT, as it is commonly known, is considered to be the most advanced technology available. Samsung has added a microSD card-slot for users that need to access additional memory.

The model is 'get it now' capable, which means that users can us Verizon's service to download ring tones, wallpapers, and screen savers. The service also allows for users to use a GPS navigation system. The model also functions with Verizon's Vcast service, which means that it is capable of downloading songs, news, sports, entertainment, and videos. The specifications of the model are quite impressive, it offers a 800 mAh Li-Ion battery, an internal antenna, and weighs about 100 grams.

It has a 262000 color screen, speakerphone, and functions well with dual-band service. Samsung has made some strides in the last year in an attempt to increase their market share. They have lost a little in the last year. Nokia and Motorola have both gained. This quarter, Samsung holds 10.

7 percent of global cell phone sales. Nokia, respectively, is the world's global leader with 35.2 percent. With impressive models like the SCH-U740, Samsung should be able to rebound in the next year or two.

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